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Annex 67 has been finalized. 
For the results from Annex 67 please look under Publications.

Work is being carried out to create a new annex on energy flexible buildings on an aggregated level. If interested in this new annex, please contact Søren Østergaard Jensen

Previous meetings


  • Eighth working meeting

    Aalborg, spring 2019

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    Montreal, autumn 2018

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  • Sixth working meeting

    Barcelona, spring 2018

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  • Fifth working meeting

    Graz, autumn 2017

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  • Fourth working meeting

    Freiburg, spring 2017

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  • Third working meeting

    Bolzano, autumn 2016

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  • Second working meeting

    Trondheim, spring 2016

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  • First working meeting

    Lisbon, autumn 2015

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  • Second preparation meeting

    Brussels, spring 2015

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  • First preparation meeting

    Basel autumn 2014

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  • Definition workshop

    Taastrup spring 2014

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