Third working meeting

Bolzano, autumn 2016

The third working meeting was hosted by EURAC and was attended by 47 participants from 16 different countries. The main purpose of the work was to report on ongoing work and to define the working structure for the remaining time of Annex 67.

Energy Flexibility in buildings is a relatively new research area. Many have done work in the area, but there is as yet no real common understanding or vocabulary. Because of this, a two-step working approach has been adopted. The first step is to align the participants understanding of the subject via a bottom-up approach, where the participants were allowed to present own work in order to capture how the participants deal with the subject. Furthermore common exercises were created in order to allow people to work on a common problem with their own tools and methods. As the participants start to view the subject of Energy Flexibility in buildings in a more mutual way, the working approach was at the Bolzano meeting switched to step two. Step two is a top-down approach, where the deliverables and the output from the Actions will be clearly defined, so that the participants can determine, where their work fits in. This is believed to lead to more useful output from the Annex.

The work of IEA EBC Annex is progressing according to the plans.


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