PVopti – tool for calculation the self-consumption of buildings based on hourly values

The excel tool PVopti calculates on an hourly basis the self-consumption rate and autarky rate based on Swiss Standard load profiles. The tool respects common heating systems, the main energy demands and on-site electricity generation by photovoltaics and combined heat and power. Electricity storage can be included as well as demand side management. Due to that, flexibility in regard of self-consumption can be evaluated.

The basic version of PVopti was developed in the scope of IEA EBC Annex 67. Now, it is part of the Swiss building label Minergie. For the purpose of the IEA EBC Annex 67, PVopti was extended to allow for bespoke climate data. Due to this extension, the tool can be used all over the world. The tool’s language can be chosen from English, German, French and Italian. Following papers are available: manuals (German, French, Italian), CISBAT conference paper (English). Status Seminar conference paper (German), PVopti – short description (English).


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