Subtask B: Analysis, Development and Testing


Subtask leader:  

  • Peter Engelmann, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Co-subtask leader:      

  • Bart Bleys, BBRI, Belgium
  • Igor Sartori, SINTEF/NTNU, Norway

In this subtask, different storage, generation and control options for achieving and optimizing energy flexibility in buildings will be investigated and documented.The investigations in the subtask will be carried out using both simulations and laboratory tests.

Control strategies and algorithms will be developed and tested in controlled environments together with components and systems. Based on the investigations and input from Subtask C, example cases will be selected and documented. Simulations will be carried out for the example cases under realistic energy prices, weather conditions, user behavior and load profiles.

The subtask is divided into the following research activities:

  • Activity B.1. Simulation of Energy Flexibility in single buildings and clusters of buildings
    • Action B.1.1 Development of a simulation test bed
    • Action B.1.2 Development of simulation models of archetypes of buildings
    • Action B.1.3 Practical potential of different energy storage and on-site generation solutions in new and existing buildings
    • Action B.1.4 Modelling of possible Energy Flexibility in single buildings
    • Action B.1.5 Modelling of aggregated Energy Flexibility of clusters of buildings
    • Action B.1.6 Modelling guidelines for Solar Decathlon Europe

  • Activity B.2. Control strategies and algorithms
    • Action B.2.1 Literature review on applied and tested control possibilities
    • Action B.2.2 Development of control strategies and algorithms

  • Activity B.3. Laboratory tests of components, systems and control strategies
    • Action B.3.1 Determination of components and systems to be tested based on Activities B.1 and B.2 

      The following Actions relate to test facilities at Annex 67 participants. Not all may obtain funding 

    • Action B.3.2 Tests at IREC, Spain
    • Action B.3.3 Tests at VTT & Aalto, Finland
    • Action B.3.4 Tests at DTI, Denmark
    • Action B.3.5 Tests at Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
    • Action B.3.6 Tests at NTNU, Norway
    • Action B.3.7 Tests at EURAC, Italy
    • Action B.3.8 Guidelines for test set up and test procedure

  • Activity B.4. Example cases and design examples
    • Action B.4.1 Selection of example cases for the source book
    • Action B.4.2 Simulation and documentation of example cases under different scenarios including varying energy prices, weather conditions, user behaviour, etc. for both single buildings and clusters of buildings at an aggregated level
    • Action B.4.3 Design examples on optimization of Energy Flexibility in buildings
    • Action B.4.4 Design guidelines for the Solar Decathlon Europe








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